Threat assessment 2022

Exploring the challenges and obstacles that banks face owing to recent technology innovation in the financial sector and rising competition from digitally native organisations in this area.

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Digital competition in global finance

Competition in financial services has increased with the emergence of financial technology (fintech) firms and the rise of banking as a service (BaaS) and embedded finance from non-banking companies, such as big tech companies that use new payment innovations.

Companies from across the spectrum are looking to emerging technologies to remain relevant in the marketplace, as well as eyeing potential partnerships to stave of competition.

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Banks once relied on proprietary systems and data to grow their customers and revenue share.

Today, they are accelerating their growth by partnering with fintechs to add new services.

Threat assessment 2022: United States

Any research on competition in financial technology (fintech), banking as a service (BaaS) and embedded finance has to consider the role of the US market.

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Threat assesment 2022: explainer video

Explore the challenges and obstacles banks face due to recent technology innovation

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